Plan To Hire Wedding Videographer with Style

Stop looking for a friend who owns the best-ever camera which she uses at every event or on your group trip to Hawaii. It might sound very good to ask your best man to use a camera at your ceremony and save some money, but you are most likely going to end up with something less than a pro wedding film after all. The question to ask is do you really want to miss out on your special moments, feelings, and emotions? I guess – No. Hire your personal wedding videography so you don’t regret it later.

Wedding Film for Romantic Couple

Art Film

For a realistic play-by-play of all these events, you need a videographer with the ability to see the story through the prism of the camera and create an art version of your wedding day. Your story will be the foundation for the art film and the length of such a film is about 2-3 mins. 


Usually, the longest video version of the wedding day. The footage of the entire wedding day will be blended together with many moments from your vows and family toasts to friends’ jokes and disco dances. Your dad will crack a joke based on your childhood story when you both went fishing for the first time, and your mom, after a couple of drinks, opens a secret you told her about your first high school kiss. Your grandparents wish you a long and blessed marriage. Memorize them through the great documentary video. Don’t overlook videography options. 

Social Media Videography

Art Films and Documentary versions are great for your family treasure. But we live in the social media world. You can’t upload a 7 mins documentary to Instagram or Facebook but a short reel will work just fine.

It’s a short 20-30 seconds preview with special background music to make your friends and followers excited. 

A great wedding videographer carries more than just a camera. There must be a vision, a vision of your story that can be preserved and used to create art. This videographer also holds an imposing repertoire of video know-how. 

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Written by Chicago, IL