Things you should cut from your wedding to keep it simple and fun

Prioritize the important

Don’t just cut down, prioritize!

Keeping your wedding simple is a great way to not only represent yourself and your ideas, but also save some money too. Generally, many couples tend to overspend when it comes to their planning and focus a lot on items that aren’t really necessary. If anything, the most important things for a wedding should be the couple, official, location, date and time, as well as the marriage license. Of course, you will also need a good wedding videographer to create a great and memorable documentary-style film for you as well.

How can you make the right wedding decisions?

The main problem that a lot of couples have is that they want everything to be perfect. Because of that, they want to do everything themselves, just to ensure everything is right. The reality is that you want to take a cold look at all those tasks and features, then see if you really need them. You might be shocked, but more often than not you won’t need a lot of these services and items.

So, how can you figure out what to toss and what to keep? Create a list and then organize everything based on importance. For example, check out wedding videography services from CTRL+shot, check what is important, and what is recommended to be on your list. However, expensive centerpieces and decorations aren’t really mandatory. You just have to see what adds value to the wedding and what can be skipped.

Based on the clients’ feedback, The Knot was one of the options for many to perform self-planning and save some money.

Asking someone else for help

You may want to handle the decorations, baking or music yourself, but hiring others or asking friends to help could be another option. What you will notice is that outsourcing some of these wedding tasks can help you get back on track and worry a lot less. It might not seem that much in the beginning, but the results can be great and that’s what matters the most.

Take your time and assess every wedding task, then ensure that you either scrap it, outsource it or move on without that particular thing. It might sound challenging at first, but if you manage to do it right, then nothing will stand in your way, and that’s exactly the need you want to pursue. 

Asking someone else for help

Should you focus on keeping your wedding simple?

There are people that try to make their special day grandiose and massive. The reality is that you don’t have to do that. A simple wedding that represents you and who you are is a much better option. Plus, it also helps you save both time and money.

Since your planning has its fair share of challenges, you always want to focus on finding ways to keep your wedding simple, yet fun. Cutting down unnecessary tasks from your wedding list is really handy, and it’s definitely going to pay off big time. Just make sure that you take your time, go through all wedding tasks and then choose what works for you. Rest assured that simplifying your wedding can actually make the entire event better, not to mention you can prevent a lot of stress and anxiety!