When you want to prepare for your wedding, hiring the right videographer is one of the first things you want to do. Since most videography experts are booked months or even years in advance, you want to make sure that you have someone ready to work on your wedding film early on in the process. Around 75% of couples regret they didn’t hire a videographer for their wedding, so it’s a great idea to NOT make such a mistake. Here’s why you want to have great wedding films!

Capture your moments

Pick great videographer to capture your wedding’s story and special moments

One of the advantages of having a wedding film is that it allows you to capture your wedding’s story and relive it again and again. A good videographer like the ones at CTRL+shot will be able to capture those moments with great success, the story behind the preserved moments, something that proves difficult without the right tools and expertise. That’s why hiring a videographer for your wedding is extremely important.

Showing these wedding films to your kids

Speaking of that, wedding films are a great thing to show to your children when they get older. Not only is it a great walk around memory lane, but it also allows your kids to see you when you were younger too. It’s a very emotional, yet satisfying moment that wedding films can bring to life.

Share with your kids

A great thing to enjoy during your anniversary

Watching your wedding film is a great way to remember your wedding anniversary every year. A lot of couples choose to rewatch their wedding videos because they are fun and bring in a very good time. Plus, it’s the type of thing that brings couples together.

Videographers have different wedding packages to choose from

What that means is that you can choose exactly the type of wedding video that you want. This is great because you can adapt their services to your own needs. And, in doing so, you also get to spend less, while still bringing the wedding of your dreams to life. There are tons of different options and this is a reason why we at CTRL+shot offer one package with all types of wedding films: art film, documentary video, and of course social media reel – check them HERE.

You are very busy during the wedding

Let’s face it, the last thing you have time for during the wedding is to take pictures or capture videos. That’s why you want a great videographer to take care of all wedding films. Not only does it help you save both time and money, but you get to be there for your guests too. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy your wedding, even more, knowing that a professional will take care of all the wedding films.


It’s very important to have someone specialized in capturing your wedding films ready to help every step of the way. It’s convenient, and it allows you to spend more time with your guests and enjoy the wedding festivities. Plus, if you hire a team of professionals like CTRL+shot crew, you know that you’re getting expert results and the best value for money. Don’t hesitate and contact us today for the best wedding videography services in Chicago, we are always ready to help!