Adler’s Planetarium is a unique and stunning wedding venue located on Chicago’s lakefront. As one of the top wedding videography companies in Chicago, CTRL+shot Wedding Films has had the pleasure of filming a wedding at this breathtaking venue. In this article, we will highlight the beauty and charm of Adler’s Planetarium – a breathtaking and unique wedding venues Chicago.

The Sky Pavilion

The Sky Pavilion event space at Adler’s Planetarium provides a panoramic view of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan. This makes it a one-of-a-kind setting for a wedding ceremony and reception. The stunning views of the city and the lake create a romantic and unforgettable atmosphere for couples and their guests.

At CTRL+shot Wedding Films, we recently filmed a wedding at Adler’s Planetarium that took advantage of the venue’s unique universe theme. The bride and groom liked our idea of incorporating a celestial theme into their wedding, which perfectly complemented the stunning setting of the planetarium. We were able to capture breathtaking footage of the couple under the stars and galaxies. It helped create a wedding film that was truly out of this world. 


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Adler’s Planetarium

If you are looking for something extraordinary, Dome Theater brings the most unique experience to your wedding day. We were surprised to see how they can create this breathtaking experience of navigating through the galaxy with you. You simply can never pick a favorite astrophotography image to project on their dome because ALL of them are jaw-dropping. The super close-up image of the Moon’s surface is pretty cool. There’s nothing quite like looking up at space from under a dome. 

Adler’s Planetarium offers several wedding packages to fit every couple’s needs and budget. The packages include access to the Sky Pavilion event space, as well as a variety of options for catering, bar service, and entertainment. The planetarium’s experienced event staff is dedicated to ensuring that every wedding is a success and that every detail is taken care of.

In conclusion, Adler’s Planetarium is truly one of the unique wedding venues Chicago. With its panoramic views of the city and the lake, as well as its one-of-a-kind universe theme, the planetarium provides an unforgettable setting for a wedding ceremony and reception. At CTRL+shot Wedding Films, we highly recommend Adler’s Planetarium to any couple looking for a venue that is both beautiful and distinctive. To learn more about Adler’s Planetarium as a wedding venue, please visit their website.