Once you get closer to your Big Day, tension increases. It might become very stressful especially when things go off rails due to different circumstances: delayed vendor requests, venues are booked, planned budget and market prices won’t match, and just getting all the details together.

Let’s look at this from a different perspective. This must be your happiest day. Planning should be a part of making this day the happiest but and the same time it must not be stressful.

CTRL+shot suggests the following few steps to make your planning stress-free wedding. 

First, it is very difficult to plan something if you are not familiar with the industry. So, hiring a professional coordinator will not only help, it will take pressure off you and provide the result. Sometimes, planning coordinators are expensive so do your research and don’t save on this as this will be a core for your wedding. In addition, planning coordinators already work with many “tested” vendors to provide for you to choose from.

Next, when setting a budget, always have some numbers in mind BUT save room to stretch it. Most of the time, it will go over as there are so many options and vendors and it is more likely you will want something extra. This is normal so prepare beforehand. 

Then, don’t underestimate Wedding Videography over other vendors. Many people think they don’t need a videographer until the very last month or a week. Nowadays, motion picture steps on the toes of photography services as you can create a storytelling wedding film that will keep touching your emotions over and over again when you watch it. So contact CTRL+shot Wedding Videography for a free consultation. Let’s chat.

Finally, there are some things that might go off the plan on your Big Day. It is absolutely okay – remember that! Nothing worth making your happiest day to be, an unhappy day. 

Once upon a time, our wedding videography team was filming a wedding in Greater Chicago Area and the couple was so upset as there were many things that went unplanned. So to make it better, we proposed a couple of things. One of them is to improvise! It turned out to be one of the best weddings for us and the couple saved the Big Day for them. We still stay in touch since that time. 

Our team at CTRL+shot wishes you smooth planning and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. We suggest and share our experience for free.